Environmental Acoustics

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Environmental noise is defined as the unwanted or harmful outdoor sound created by human activity, such as noise was emitted through transport, road traffic rail traffic, air traffic and industrial activity. World Health Organization (WHO) identifies that noise pollution is an increasing problem but has not really been taken seriously enough by the people who have tended to prioritiseother seemingly more pressing environmental issues. Environmental noise poses a risk to people’s health and quality of life because it can lead to physical and physiological effects.

Our Services


Geonoise provides a full range of noise monitoring services, short-term and long-term noise monitoring services. The monitoring system provides the client with a web-based monitoring system. Thus we will get a notification if the noise level exceeds the limits or local regulation.


Noise prediction is a powerful tool to asses noise from industry which has a large number of noise sources. Our Engineer use SoundPLAN to predict the noise propagation of existing and proposed facilities such as road traffic, railway, occupational places or industrial plant.  


The consultation service is a further step from the monitoring or noise modelling service, and it guides clients on the design and implementation of the observational analysis of the final result on the previous stage. Geonoise provides a variety of consultation based on the clients’ desired outcomes.



Noise from your industrial processes and machinery can damage the hearing of your employees and result in financial and asset losses for the company. Our Engineer provides a noise level measurement in your industry, the techniques is comply with the local regulation or any applicable regulations.

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