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For most, noise is part of our daily life. Most of the noise problem is generated by the products around us, such as a vehicle, construction machinery and vacuum cleaner sound. Our perception of the vacuum cleaner sound will be changed if it is aesthetically pleasing into our ears. Sound plays a role in our aesthetic, quality, and emotional experience of products.

For example, the Car manufacturers have the RND team to make sure that a slammed door will evoke the sense of quality. Nowadays, it is acknowledged that product sound design should be integrated into the primary design process to enhance the user experience both on ergonomic and luxurious value.

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Sound and Vibration Instrumentation

Sound and vibration measurements are vital for many industries, including the manufacturing industry, e.g. early fault detection in large industrial machinery, Quality control, inspection, and R & D of automobiles, machinery, electrical goods and other industrial products. Geonoise provides the top-class sound and vibration instrumentation.

Acoustic Testing


Acoustic testing facility assesses how your product will perform in real conditions, and whether or not further revisions should be made to reduce noise or intentionally add the sound to a product. Our acoustic testing facility consists of an anechoic chamber, a reverberation chamber, test rig technology, and shakers for modal investigations.

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