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Noise and Vibration Product News

Nor150, 2 channel handheld analyzer with intensity probe !

Nor150 is now type approved by BEV in AustriaPTB  in Germany and METAS in Switzerland!

The sound and vibration analyser Nor150 sets new standards in user-friendliness. Featuring the largest colour touchscreen in a handheld meter on the market today, the Nor150 provides the user friendliness of a smartphone. Further features include, built in web server, camera, GPS and advanced voice and text notes bringing the sophistications normally found in laboratory instrumentation out in the field.

The instrument is a dual channel analyser designed to cover a variety of applications such as environmental noise assessments, sound insulation and sound intensity measurements among many other measurement tasks.


  • Environmental noise assessments
  • Noise monitoring
  • Noise at work
  • Product noise testing
  • Vibration measurements


  • Large color touch-screen (4.3”).
  • Intuitive user interface with graphical icons for selection of mode and custom made user setups. Markers edited directly on the touch screen. Real keyboard for quick operation in challenging environments.
  • Built in web-server makes your Nor150 available through the internet from anywhere in the world whether you configure it for LAN, USB, WLAN, GPRS, 3G or 4G communication.
  • Audio recording on trigger or softkey.
  • You can immediately listen to recordings using a standard headset.
  • Voice and text notes, built in GPS and camera notes help you document your measurements with all.
  • Wide frequency range for vibration and low frequency measurements (0,4 Hz – 20kHz in 1/3 octave band).
  • 120 dB measurement range broadband and filter.
  • Seamless integration with Nor850 software.
  • New features added to Nor150 Remote, including camera support, alarms etc.
  • Profile B report with trigger possibility.
  • Profile Moving report with trigger possibility.
intensity probe Norsonic for uase with Nor150
intensity probe Norsonic for uase with Nor150

Future Proof

Your Nor150 analyzer is designed to be expanded and upgradeable to give you a complete measurement tool for years to come. Norsonic’s retrofit policy ensures regular software updates with new features and new options followed by a 3 years warranty. As a general noise analyzer, advanced environmental and occupational noise meter you can be sure your Nor150 will be up to date as requirements and standards change over the coming years.

Coming soon will be the following applications:

  • Sound Intensity
  • Reverberation time
  • Single and dual channel sound insulation
  • Unattended noise monitoring scheduler

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